Disability Insurance
What happens if you get sick or injured and are unable to work for any amount of time. The most frequent cause of home foreclosure is disability.1 in 3 people will be on disability for a part of their working years.We will assess what needs to happen to continue income in the event of a disability.

Property and Casualty Insurance
Property and Casualty Insurance can be a form of mandatory insurance. Auto Insurance and homeowners are mandatory to have; however, we help you determine how much your financial position exposes you to risk.We will advise on the right amount of insurance to protect against a risk occurring.We will assess different amounts of commercial insurance and umbrella policies protecting against unexpected risk.


Risk Management
Risk Management is deciding what risks insurance can be used to protect against loss.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is the foundation of insurance.  We will objectively analyze your financial situation to determine the amount of insurance your loved ones will at your death.  We will educate you on your insurance options and the amount of income that is necessary to replace should you die prematurely.  The price of life insurance is determined by two factors; the individual’s health, and the individual’s age.  There are two types of Life Insurance.

Permanent Life Insurance - It is designed to last permanently and to  be in force no matter what age death occurs.
The most traditional life insurance is Whole Life Cash Value Insurance.It is designed accumulate cash value with a guaranteed interest rate. It is the safest type of Life Insurance.Whole Life policies are structured differently depending on the client’s goals and dreams.

Variable Universal Life Insurance-It is a complex form of Life Insurance where a minimum cost of insurance is paid and the remainder goes into separate account allowing or optimal growth of cash value.This is the riskiest form of insurance, but also contributing to most potential growth of assets.

Universal Life Insurance-It is designed to have the policy last to a forecasted age; while paying the minimum amount of premium and accumulating, the least amount of cash value.These policies can be guaranteed or not guaranteed.

Term Life Insurance- The cheapest form of life insurance.  Unfortunately, term is only bought in term increments, and is used to protect against a premature death.  It is typically sold in increments of 1,10,15,20 or 30 years.